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Paar Engineering brings you classic, timeless hand-crafted electric guitar designs made with keen attention to quality in all aspects of the parts and making processes. The goal of Paar Engineering is to bring to the guitarist instruments based on classic, unique designs with modern, high-quality components. Construction is by hand, not using a CNC machine. Each instrument gets the same high level of attention to detail and quality These instruments are intended to be played by professional and intermediate players.

Specially selected unique wood stocks are used to make well-balanced designs. These designs are set up and constructed professionally using tried and true techniques. You will never feel awkward playing any Paar Engineering guitar on stage or in your practice area. It has been said that "Excellence is its own reward." This tenant is strongly adhered to at Paar Engineering. Jeff Paar, the owner and maker, gets great satisfaction from making a high quality product that I would be personally proud to play. So, from that thought, if excellence is not in the product, it will not be placed for sale.

Strings and waves

The Science of Sound

Perception and impression of sound is highly respective to the individual listener. Paar Engineering guitars use high quality end components where it counts to maximize the signal quality coming from the guitar to the amplifier. String length in relation to pickup positioning is considered as well as the material and workmanship of tuners, bridge and tailpiece. Seymour Duncan™, Switchcraft™, Gotoh™, Grover™ and other quality brands are used in our designs.

White Ash

Selection of Tone Wood

Selection of tone wood for an electric guitar must be a balance of aesthetics, weight and, surprisingly, to a lesser extent, density. Arguably, 90+ percent of a guitar's tone arises from the strings, pickups and fretboard material. The species of wood used for a solid electric guitar body has minimal effect on the sound coming out of the amplifier. An oscilloscope or frequency analyzer may be able to show the difference, but our relatively primitive ear cannot tell the difference between swamp ash and maple. What this implies is that a solid-body electric guitar can be made out of just about any material with little effect on resultant sound quality. That said, only high quality domestic and exotic hardwoods are used in our designs.

Circiut cavity


Pickups, potentiometers, capacitors, resistors, switches, jacks, wiring, shielding. Are all the items covered? The electic guitar is not a complicated animal. It gets a bit more complex with variac switching, and of course, some custom designs may call for additional circuitry. The quality of most of these items do have an appreciable effect on sound quality. Though pickups are arguably the most important component of good tone. Paar Engineering uses the highest quality pickups for the given guitar design. Other components must be of suitable quality; but there is no need to overspend on items that have little or no effect on sound quality or longevity.


Designs from Paar Engineering are pleasing to see, light weight, well balanced and reasonably priced.


Weight is important in a solid-body guitar design. Paar Engineering designs are light enough to be played for a whole show or longer.


Balance in body and neck are critical so that the artist is not fighting to hold the neck up while playing. The head should not dive bomb when released.


We're not happy unless you're happy. If there's a problem, we'll fix it or refund your money. Please see our guarantee policy for full details.


Paar Engineering designs are cool to see, cool to play, well made and affordable. Check it out!